Sunday, December 31, 2006

Leave Us A-Clone

After months of debate and review, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon rule that food from cloned animals is as safe to eat as food from conventionally raised ones.Sweet cloned meat! The food police have confidently stated that eating meat and milk from cloned adult cattle, pigs, goats and their genetically identical offspring is as safe as eating those products from animals whose DNA is slightly different.

Sheep were left out of the FDA report due to lack of evidence and when reached for comment, Dolly the Sheep, was quoted as saying "baaaaa." She's a sheep, dudes.

The implications of allowing cloned meat are enormous - we just cannot figure out what they are. Give us a break, we're doctors, not genetic engineers. If it means that the price of Kobe beef drops, then we're all for it. Maybe next they can clone mutant chickens that produce larger appendages so that eating Buffalo Wings isn't such a difficult process.

Being "scientists", I suppose we are a bit obtuse about why people would object to eating cloned meat? The cells are disrupted during the cooking process anyway and there is no danger in eating twin cows so why would cloned cows be any different? Are people concerned that this is the start of a slipper slope and that next thing we'll be cloning nannies and soldiers? Someone please explain to us the bad part of eating cloned food or the cloning process because we feel like arguing with you.

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