Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tough Break for Paula

Someone above is looking out for StopPagingMe. We have been looking for an excuse to talk about the upcoming finale between the Keane-like, beat-boxing Blake and the smiley, It-factor-laden Jordin.

Our excuse to come clean about our Idol affinity came in the form of a broken nose. Not just any nose either, the nose of our favorite supportive and sedated judge, Paula!

According to numerous reports, the oft-slurring Abdul was trying to avoid her dog and wound up taking a nasty spill, telling Extra that she tore cartilage in her nose and broke a toe. Ouch! The dog was okay, though.

Paula has a well-documented history history of pain killer affinity so hopefully she was premedicated.

Getting medical though, schnoz fracture is the 3rd most common break and the most commonly broken facial bone. As in Paula's case, blunt trauma is the most common cause (85% of cases) but the management is by no means straight-forward or easily agreed upon. One can be sure though, that if there was some significant damage, the physical exam portion was not comfortable for the former Laker Girl.

In case your interested, here are the indications for open and closed reduction of the nasal fracture from eMedicine (feel free to skip right by it):

Closed Reduction:
Unilateral or bilateral fracture of the nasal bones
Fracture of the nasal septal complex that is deviated less than one half of the width of the nasal bridge
Indications for open reduction are as follows:
Extensive fractures
Deviation of the nasal pyramid greater than one half of the width of the nasal bridge
Displaced fracture of the caudal septum
Open septal fracture
Persistent deformity after closed reduction

Ice packs and head elevation are the mainstay of treatment in the majority fo cases. If the reduction is not going to be done that day, then a period of 3-5 days precedes further evaluation. Fractures that are not displaced do not require treatment. Because as many as 30% of patients have a deviation that was present prior to injury, in many cases, obtaining photographs for review is helpful. God, woudl we love to see those pics - where's TMZ.com when you need them?

Other famous broken noses?

Remember when Geraldo sported his massive rhino-dressing?

Or how about when Cameron Diaz dinged her sniffer while surfing (she had a nice rhinoplasty following).

And then there's this guy. After a surgical repair for nasal trauma they used leeches when the graft was failing. Ok, it has nothing to do with Paula's accident but it's cool nonetheless (we are doctors, ya know?):

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