Sunday, February 25, 2007

The IN's and OUT's of Hospital Style

While your choice of hospital shoes still says a lot about who you are, trends are moving up the body and now scrubs and accessories have started to become more fashionable. In this version of In’s & Out’s, we declare what is hot and what is not on the floors, in the OR, and beyond.


racingstripesscrubs.JPG1. Racing Stripe Scrubs –
The old days of shapeless, burlap-like, draw-string scrubs are done. Taking a cue from Dr. 90210’s freakish Robert Rey who tailors his OR apparel to show off his biceps, more and more hospital staffers are customizing their scrubs. While we have not seen the Rey-esque tank-top scrubs yet, we have seen quite a bit of the snazzy scrubs with bold racing stripes down the legs. They come in all sorts of non-hospital-like colors, e.g. navy blue, dark green and even brown. They also come in male and female varieties and unlike their predecessors, are able to highlight those hospital workers with nice features.

2, Low-rise Scrubs (a.k.a. Hipsters) – Following the trends from the denim world, now you can see your favorite nurse or doc’s coin slot with the evolution of low-rise scrub pants. Points to the RN’s and MD’s who can find low-rise scrub pants with racing stripes.

mules.jpg3. Schlogs –
They’re part shoe, part clog. When you see them from the front, you might think that they’re standard leather shoes of the Ecco variety but pull up that scrub leg and they are backless with a cushiony insole. Oooh la la, comfort and style. More impressively, these shoes have actually done the rare cross-over as both surgeons and medicinites are donning the schlogs.


1. Crocs – Here’s a tip: when it crosses over into the general public, it is no longer cool (see: red leathercrocs.jpg Dansko clogs circa ’01). Hence, as soon as 7-year-old boys were skipping around in crocs, they no longer were considered cool hospital footwear. They’re done.

2. iPod –
This is one of those rare fads that was out as soon as it was in - sorta like neck tattoos. It seems to be most popular amongst the interns, particularly the prelims and transitionals who may be using it as a subtle ‘F--- You’ to their seniors. We love gadgets as much as the next guy but do you really need to listen to music while you change that wound dressing or write orders? If you want to demonstrate your bitterness about being low man on the totem pole, do what every other intern does - ignore pages. Huh?

3. Fanny Packs – Just a reminder: fanny packs have never been and never will be an acceptable accessory! Ever.

4. BlueTooth headset – This trend lasted all of 5 minutes and belonged exclusively to the attendings. Now that they sell the ear-gadgets at gas stations, it is definitely over. However, it has now become a simple way to identify those doctors who you would never want treating your family.

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